Thursday, November 18, 2004

The One With The Mixed Up Me, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir&Batin

hi! selamat hari raya..maaf zahir batin 2 all my friends&readers out there..this is my 1st entry n hope dat it wont bore u 2 sleep..dats if u read,today is the 5th day of raya and guess more holiday 4 me. so lazy to go to work n can u imagine my condition then if i am doing work..worse!malasnye...issh...but luckily today is thurs. actually work is no longer fun 4 me..last week was a freaking f*** up week for me. i was called by my AMO asking me why is my accuracy&excellency have decreased...damn..whut can i say..tell him dat i hate working and my mind was not wif me while i work??hhmm...honestly..lots of things&major changes have happened in my life..once i used to have a good friend..who will always listen to my probs and give me courage&support but now..not anymore...sumthing is wrong somewer..i tried to be the same but definitely he changed..reason>>he dun want to interfere da relationship btween my bf&me..but then...the way he acts is just not right..he made the final decision by telling me that we are good to be friends..we are great friends..but do friends ignore each other&just left without saying gdbye?do friends just walk away and pretend that the other person does not exist?okay..its not a big deal actually..if he dont want me to be his friend..i guess i will be alright but do it i right?dun just avoid but confront...i wish he can read dis..hhmm...anyway..i dun know how long i could stand wif my current work..i am trying my very best in job hunting and hopefully somebody out der is willing to employ a good employee like me..hihihi :P:P:P

my raya celebration...hhmm..1st raya, went 4 raya prayer, salam2 wif my grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and not to forget give them duit raya..arggh!confirmed bankcrupt now.. :(:( 2nd raya, my granny held an open hse for her siblings who most of them live in KL..tok ngah&wife&sons&grandchildren, tok sham&wife&son..aunty karina was sick&aunty karen who is a dj at light&easy was working so they could not make it..tok sala&wife&my dear 2nd cousin linn who just came back from australia on 1st raya, tok limah&family, tok jim&uncle adzli&aunty jelita&3 adorable sons..adam, omar&imran...comel laa sgt2!! tok ngah zahrah and was a tiring day coz have to entertain the guests and served them..pnat the end of the day everybody was too tired to move..3rd raya, went back johore..met my granny, uncles and aunties...n my cousins..then on the 4th day return home!so dat was how i celebrated my raya..hihihi...guess i put this to a halt..till we meet again..ta!

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